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Recording Studio

Studio Rules

1.    NO SMOKING (vape pens are fine)

2.    $50 Non-Refundable Deposit due at time of booking. (The deposit is to secure your time slot)

3.    Minimum of 2 hours to book a session.

4.    3-5 max people at any session.

5.    TO BE EARLY IS TO BE ON TIME (your session starts at time of booking, if you’re late to your session it still ends at same time) you can request a longer time with engineer if there’s no session after yours, but all fees still apply. 

6.    All clients must wait in reception area until your engineer comes to get you.

7.    Come prepared with material & ready to work. This is a place of business not a playground.

8.    Do not touch any equipment, ask your engineer for assistance!

9.    The upkeep of your files are your responsibility, please collect files before the end of your session!

10.    CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES, it is not the engineers responsibility to clean up after you. (a fee will be applied if studio is left a mess and/or you’ll be banned)


12.    Any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

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